If your leather sofas or chairs have been damaged and are spoiling your decor, throwing them out and buying new is not your only option. At Leather Furniture Repairs Appleby Magna, we offer on-site leather repairs for all types of sofas and chairs. No job is too big or too small – we’ll come to your home or office for minor marks or major damage. Trust us to get your leather looking like new.

Our on-site leather repairs team will provide all the care and repairs needed to keep even older leather sofas and chairs looking great. We can   leather-repair-servcie clean, repair, colour and finish faded or damaged leather right in your home. When you book a visit, we’ll come and assess the damage and offer you the best course of action for your leather. Don’t waste time and effort dragging your sofa to a repair shop – let us bring the shop to you.

Many people think that minor scuffs or wear on leather don’t merit on-site leather repairs. It’s vital to address even small damaged spots on leather right away, to prevent the problem from getting worse as you use the sofa or chair. The team at Leather Furniture Repairs Appleby Magna will come to you for any type of damage, no matter how small. Our goal is to protect your leather and lengthen its life.

Our on-site leather repairs team offers more than just repairs to the leather on your sofas and chairs. As your furniture ages, it can begin to sag or weaken and look less than its best. Trust our team to add padding to sagging arm pads and cushions and fix loose or damaged stitching. We can also provide deep cleaning and treatments to renew your leather’s finish and protect its shine for years to come.

All the leather experts on our team are fully trained to ensure you get the best results from your on-site leather repairs. We provide lasting repairs that look great. Would you like a free quote or to book your on-site leather repairs? Call us at Leather Furniture Repairs Appleby Magna today.