You love your leather. At Leather Furniture Repairs Ruislip, we love leather too. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer the best on-site care and repairs for leather sofas and chairs. Whether you’ve chosen a sleek and modern leather chair, or cherish a classic heirloom leather sofa, our team is here to help ensure you can enjoy it for many years to come.


Each day, your sofas and chairs take a huge amount of use and abuse. Dirt and grime can go deep into leather’s pores and build up, causing damage to fibres and leaving leather looking shabby and tired. Sunlight and daily wear and tear can cause finish and colour to fade, making your once pristine leather look dated and old. If your leather has seen better days, call Leather Furniture Repairs Ruislip for on-site repairs for leather sofas and chairs of all shapes and sizes.

DIY repairs for leather may seem like a cheap fix, but do you really want to take chances with your precious leather? There’s no need to lug your damaged or dated leather to a shop to have it repaired. Let the experts at Leather Furniture Repairs Ruislip bring the repair shop to you. Our experts will work right in your home or office to save your money and your leather.

Does your sofa or chair need more than just repairs for leather that’s been scuffed, stained or torn? At Leather Furniture Repairs Ruislip, we offer a full range of expert repairs to keep you sitting in style. Our team can repair broken or worn springs and frames, add padding to sagging cushions and replace loose or missing stitching.

You don’t have to put up with aging or damaged leather in your home or office. Get the expert repairs for leather you need, carried out right at your home or work, when you call Leather Furniture Repairs Ruislip. You’ll like our friendly service and fair prices, but you’ll love the results we get from your leather. Call today to book your repairs or ask for a free quote.