Are you looking for the ways to categorize the different types of leather? In general leather is introduced in three types

Full Grain leather: It is made of superior raw leather that has clean natural hides that haven’t been wiped to discard the defects. Just leather hairs are removed and it has natural grains with which this leather gets the highest fiber potential so as more durability. It also gets natural breathing so the clothes made of this leather offer more comforts. This type of leather offers higher wearing comforts than the other types of leather and grows up smartly with passage of time instead of wear.

leather-repair-servcieThe luxurious leather furniture and footwear are made of this leather that is offered in aniline and partial aniline finishes. The maintenance of full grain leather is only provided by leather repairs Camden throughout the city. So contact us today!

Corrected grain leather: It is also called as high grain leather that consists of hair on one side whereas other side is plane. On the plane side, natural grain and hairs are used. In this leather the natural grain is wiped out and synthetic grain is applied. The high grain leather should be covered with the intense paint to hide the wiping and stamping. This leather is offered in the pigmented and semi aniline finishes. If you need the corrected grain leather sofa repairs, contact our sofa repairs Camden specialists today.

Suede: It is a type of leather on which grain is thoroughly eradicated or can say the interior split is performed on the leather skin. While the splitting task grain and drop split are isolated among of which drop split is used in next split. Suede leather is hairy on both sides. It offers lower durability as compare to high grain leather. It is economical because different materials of suede can be differentiated from one width of hide.

Since leather is used in the production of different types of materials varying from suitcase to vehicle interior. In fact the demand of leather automobile repair is extensively large in the present time. Therefore the need of vehicle seat repair has been abruptly increased. Despite of the extent of damage occurred in your car, our expert car seat repairs Camden technicians are specialized in restoring the car seats and regain their original look.

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