If your leather upholstery gets dirt, wetness or even worn, it makes it unattractive and terrifically reduces the value of your car. Therefore in order to regain its look back, leather repair Croydon offers the step-wise leather repair by using the quality materials and equipment. Your upholstery is professionally repaired on your site and the task is finished within one or two hours.

leather-repair-servcie1. First of all, the upholstery is cleaned properly and seats are wiped out to remove the dirt or grime.2. While the seats are wiped out, the scouring pad absorbs the dust and dirt that is impossible to pick out when you clean your leather seats with brush or simple cloth. The scouring pad also prepares the seats for the new paint.3. Then the seats are cleaned once again with the clean cloth. Then we wipe the seats using denatured alcohol and cloth is moved over the whole surface to ensure the proper cleaning. With this the unwanted chemicals are removed from the seats that repel the new color.4. Our sofa repairs Croydon professionals fill up in the visible holes and make the seats softer. Now the seats are cleaned once again to ensure that these are dried.5. Now using the color matching skills, they choose the best color matching dye and spread it over the seats. Soon the new dye covers the whole area easily. Then the leather water repellent sealing is provided on the torn areas. The prepared seat is kept throughout the night to dry. Before providing the sealing coat we make sure that the dye color matches with the original leather shade properly.6. Next day, leather reupholstered seats are rendered to their owner for use.

We use the cutting edge leather repair techniques with which we cover the entire worn area and give your leather furniture a good look.

In addition of this, if you are seeking for the car seat repairs, get in touch with us. The leather car seat repairs Croydon craftsmen completely understand the need of enticing look of the car interior for you.Therefore we strive to provide the original look to your leather that stays for the long time. So you should choose our professional services and give us a chance to fix your leather problems. We promise, we’ll not disappoint you. So when are you going to ping us?