Leather repair Hackney has been working with the leather furnishings for many years and has received abundant of knowledge and skills in this time to lead in the leather repair market. May be you believe or not there are several types of leather and each needs the specific care and maintenance.

leather-repair-servcieWe are expert in traditional leather restoration. We can also restore the color loss of your suite that occurred due to something spilled over it or ordinary wear. We use spillages that can extract the color of nail paint remover, clothes dye, solvents and hair colors. We perform the leather cleaning and conditioning as well as minor to major repairs like scuff cleaning. We fill up the cuts made in the leather by your kids or pets or rips by jean’s studs. We also do many effectively repairs to the high standards.

Furniture repair is simply one of our several special services that are provided right here. We precisely know what it needs to keep furniture look tempting. Just let us do it to give your furniture more than repair instead of choosing its replacement.

Varying from the sagging cushions and damaged sofa frame, Leather sofa repairs Hackney provides the furniture restoration, seats and upholstery services. The marine and vehicle upholstery provided by us works like a new leather furnishing so you can sale it too. We provide the complete table and chair repair.

At us, you’ll get the:
  • Repair of scraps, scratches and leather scuffs
  • Fill up leather rips
  • Clean, repair, condition, and seal your leather
  • Worn and torn leather is restored and re-colored
Our leather repair professionals follow the ideal techniques and tools for car, furniture and other leather recovery at your home or office. Sofa repair and restoration is just what is provided by us and we are excited to show you our potential so you can get much from your furniture asset provided by us, in addition of what you require.
Additionally, for the car or other vehicle owners, we provide the superior car seat repairs Hackney under which the entire leather car interior is recovered. Don’t wonder as you are definitely going to get it from us.
Simply browse our website and see our demo work to understand our way of work. If you need any further information or you want to get our quote, please contact us. We are waiting to hear from you.