When your leather sofas, chairs or car seats are in need of repairs, trust the leather care experts at Leather Repairs Arnold for best results. Our master craftsmen have years of experience, and will bring the repair shop to you at your home or workplace. Save yourself the hassle of bringing your leather away to be looked at. We’ll bring all the tools and products needed to perform your repairs on site and get your leather looking like new again.

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On-Site Leather Sofa Repairs

No matter how well you care for your leather sofa, at some point it will need some extra love to maintain it’s style and comfort. The leather care experts at Leather Repairs Arnold will come to you with all the tools needed for any type of leather sofa repair. We use only the best leather care products on the market, so you’ll get great results when you trust us. Book your repairs today.

Cleaning and Care From Leather Care Experts

Good cleaning and gentle care can greatly increase the life of your leather, and ensure it looks its best even after years of use. The leather care experts at Leather Repairs Arnold can add years to your leather’s life with deep cleaning, repairs and treatments to restore finish and protect your leather against future damage. Call Leather Repairs Arnold now and let us keep you sitting in style.

Mobile Repairs for Your Car’s Leather

You spent a lot of time and money to get just the right car for you, and now you expect it to last a long time. The best way to maintain your car’s value and beauty is to trust the leather care experts at Leather Repairs Arnold when your leather looks less than its best. We can take on anything from minor wear and tear to major damage at your home or workplace. Book your service now to keep your car in showroom condition.