mobile-leather-repairWhen you need repairs for leather sofas, chairs or car upholstery, don’t waste time and effort taking your leather to a shop for repairs. Let the mobile leather repairs team at Leather Repairs Dengie bring the shop to you. Our team of leather craftsmen will come right to your home or workplace to carry out a range of mobile leather repairs and care treatments. We use only the best leather care products on the market to ensure we offer great results on every job we do. Book your visit today and see just how good your leather can look.

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Mobile Leather Repairs for Sofas

You love your leather sofa. You chose it to complete the decor in your home or office, and you want to ensure it looks great for a long time. When your leather sofa suffers damage or starts to show signs of wear after years of use, let the team at Leather Repairs Dengie put things right. Our mobile leather repairs team is skilled in all types of sofa repairs and can work with any kind of leather. Don’t live with damaged leather another day – book your mobile leather repairs now.

On-Site Leather Care and Cleaning

At Leather Repairs Dengie, we know there’s more to keeping leather pristine than just mobile leather repairs for ripped or torn leather. Dirt and oils can build up in your leather’s pores and sunlight can cause colour and finish to fade. Let us lengthen the life of your leather with our range of on-site leather care treatments. We can restore fading colour, remove built up dirt and renew your leather’s shine and finish.

Expert Repairs for Your Car’s Leather

You lead a busy life. No matter how much you love your car, you don’t have time to wait around at a detail shop for every scuff or scratch that appears on your leather car seats. Let the mobile leather repairs team at Leather Repairs Dengie take care of your car. We work on all makes and models of both new and classic cars. Whether you need minor touch ups or major repairs, we’re here to help. Let us keep your car in showroom condition.