mobile-leather-repairIf you’re looking for a mobile leather care team you can trust to keep your leather sofas, chairs or car upholstery looking and feeling as good as new, look no further than Leather Repairs Little Bentley. Using only the best tools and techniques, our team of skilled leather craftsmen will restore your leather to its former glory. We work on site at your home or workplace, saving you the time and bother of waiting around at a shop for repairs. Don’t trust anyone less than the best with your precious leather – call today and see how good your leather can look.

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Expert Repairs for Leather Sofas

Don’t let damaged leather on your sofa detract from the decor that you’ve worked so hard to perfect in your home or office. When your sofa looks less than perfect, let the mobile leather care team at Leather Repairs Little Bentley put things right. We are trained in a wide range of leather repairs and can work on sofas of all ages, shapes and sizes. Trust us to keep you sitting in style.

Mobile Leather Care and Cleaning

No matter how well you care for your leather, over time, heavy use can take its toll. Dirt, hair and body oils build up on the surface and damage the fibres of your leather, leaving it prone to wear and looking tired. The mobile leather care team at Leather Repairs Little Bentley can lengthen the life of your leather and keep it looking like new for years to come. Let us deep clean tired leather, touch up fading or dated colour and renew the shine of your leather’s finish.

On-Site Leather Car Seat Repairs

You lead a busy life. When your leather car seats start to show signs of wear, you don’t have time to wait around at a detail shop to keep them in showroom condition. At Leather Repairs Little Bentley, we make it simpler than ever to protect the value and style of your car’s leather. We provide mobile leather care and repairs right at your home or workplace to address damage to your seats – no matter how large or small. Call today and show your car’s leather the love it deserves.