mobile-leather-repairAre you in need of an on-site leather care team to address damaged or dated leather sofas, chairs or car seats? Look no further than Leather Repairs Wormingford, your local leather experts. We have a team of highly skilled leather craftsmen who will carry out leather repairs of all shapes and sizes right at your home or workplace. We use only tested techniques and the best tools on every job we do, to ensure we always offer perfect results. See for yourself just how good your leather can look – call us today.

If you’re ready to book your on-site leather care, call us at Leather Repairs Wormingford or use our handy online form to request a free quote.

Mobile Leather Sofa Repairs Team

You may think that when your leather sofa gets damaged or starts to show signs of aging that your only option is to throw it away and start shopping for new. At Leather Repairs Wormingford, we have a better option. Let our on-site leather care team come to you to erase damage and bring new life to your precious leather. We work on sofas of all ages, shapes and sizes.

On-Site Leather Care and Cleaning

Protect the beauty and value of your leather sofas and chairs with on-site leather care from Leather Repairs Wormingford. Over the years, dirt and oils can build up deep in your leather’s pores, and sunlight and heavy use can damage your leather’s colour and finish. Let us lengthen the life of your leather with treatments to renew colour and finish and remove stubborn stains and built up dirt. We’ll keep you sitting in style.

Experts in Car Seat Leather Repairs

Even the act of getting into and out of your car each day can leave scuffs and scratches on your precious leather seats. Don’t wait for major damage before calling for expert help. At Leather Repairs Wormingford, our on-site leather care team will come to you for any damage – no matter how small or large. When you let us address minor marks on your leather right away, we can prevent damage from spreading and spare you from costly repairs in the future. Book now.