You love your leather sofas and chairs. You spent a lot of time and money to get every detail right because you wouldn’t settle for less than the best. Now that you’ve worked so hard to perfect your decor, ensure you get the right care to protect and maintain your precious leather. At Leather Furniture Repairs Lutterworth, our team of leather experts can help repair, renew and maintain your leather.


Has a mishap left an ugly stain on your leather sofa? Have your leather chairs started to look worn and tired after years of use? Even the best leather can start to show signs of aging as time goes by. It doesn’t have to mean the end, and you don’t have to live with less than perfect leather. Call the leather experts at Leather Furniture Repairs Lutterworth and let us put things right.

You may think that DIY repair kits are a clever way to save a few pound on leather repairs, but without the right tools and skills, you may make damage worse instead of better. Don’t waste time and effort lugging your leather to a shop when it’s in need of repairs. Let Leather Furniture Repairs Lutterworth bring the shop to you. Our leather experts will work right in your home or office.

At Leather Furniture Repairs Lutterworth, we know that sometimes the damage to your sofas and chairs can go beyond the leather surface. That’s why our leather experts are also trained in a wide range of furniture repairs. Whether you need help with loose stitching, sagging cushions or worn springs and frames, we’re here to help. Let us keep you sitting in style.

Don’t live with less than perfect leather for a single day. Call the leather experts at Leather Furniture Repairs Lutterworth for on-site repairs and care at the first sign of damage. You’ll enjoy our friendly service and fair prices, and you’ll love how good your leather will look when our work is done. Get in touch with us now to book your service or get a free quote.