Whether you have an antique heirloom leather sofa that hold a place of pride in your home, or a sleek and stylish leather chair that adds drama to your office, you love your leather. You spent a lot of time and money to find just the right style, texture and colour to complete your decor. Now that you’ve got every detail right, trust Leather Furniture Repairs Bury for mobile leather care and repairs to keep your leather in showroom condition.

Even the best leather can lose some of its beauty and shine as the years go by. Has your sofa been stained by a mishap? Have years of use left your best leather chair looking dull and shabby? Worn or dated leather doesn’t have to mean the end. Let the mobile leather care experts at Leather Furniture Repairs Bury visit you to bring new life to tired leather.

leatherrepairsboltonHow will you deal with less than perfect leather? Will you take a chance with cheap DIY repair kits and hope you don’t make the damage worse? Perhaps you’ll drag your leather to a shop and wait around for repairs, or give up and start shopping for a new sofa or chair. At Leather Furniture Repairs Bury, we offer mobile leather care to save your money and your leather. We’ll work right in your home or office.

At Leather Furniture Repairs Bury, we know that it takes more than just mobile leather care to keep sofas and chairs looking and feeling like new. If your furniture has suffered other damage, we can help with that too. Our craftsmen are trained to deal with issues with stitching, cushions, springs and frames. Let us keep you sitting in style.

Don’t put up with damaged, worn or dated leather that detract from your decor. Call Leather Furniture Repairs Bury today and get the mobile leather care your sofas and chairs deserve. You’ll get prompt, on-site service, fair prices and results that you’ll have to see to believe. Get in touch now to book a visit from our team or to request a free quote on your repairs.