You love your leather. You spent a lot of time and money to get just the right leather sofa or chair to complete your space, and now you want to keep it looking and feeling like new. Good leather can last a lifetime with the right care. Don’t settle for less than the best when you need care or repairs for leather sofas and chairs – call the team at Leather Furniture Repairs New Maldon.


As time goes by, even the best leather sofas and chairs can suffer damage from mishaps or begin to show signs of aging. Sunlight and daily use can wear away colour and finish, leaving your leather looking shabby and faded. Dirt, hair and body oils can build up deep in leather’s pores and cause damage to fibres. Trust Leather Furniture Repairs New Maldon to provide care and repairs for leather furniture to fight the signs of aging and keep your leather in great shape.

Less than pristine leather doesn’t have to mean the end for your leather sofas and chairs. Before you start shopping for new leather, look at your options. DIY repairs for leather offer a quick fix, but can make the problem worse if not done right. There’s no easy way to lug a leather sofa into a shop for repairs. Only Leather Furniture Repairs New Maldon offers you on-site expert repairs for leather, at a price you’ll love.

Does your sofa or chair need more than just repairs for leather that’s been scratched, scuffed or torn? At Leather Furniture Repairs New Maldon, we also offer a full range of other furniture repairs to keep you sitting in style. We can replace loose stitching, refill sagging cushions and repair or replace worn springs and frames. Call today and let us show your sofas and chairs the love they deserve.

Don’t live one more day with damaged or dated leather in your home or office. Call our team at Leather Furniture Repairs New Maldon for expert care and repairs for leather carried out right in your home or office. You’ll love our prompt, helpful service, fair prices and results that can’t be beat. Call now to book your mobile service or request a free quote.