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When you need on-site leather repair in the Midlands of England, count on the experts at Leather Repairs Leicester. Our team offers a wide range of leather cleaning, care and repair services that can be performed on site in your home or place of work.

At Leather Repairs Leicester, our focus in on on-site leather repair work. We don’t have a retail store or workshop to maintain. For this reason, we can offer you lower prices and still provide you with high-end service. If you have a leather sofa or chair that has suffered damage that you are  sofa-186633_1280planning to throw out, get in touch with our on-site leather repair team first. In many cases, we can repair the damage to your leather at a fraction of the cost you would pay to replace it.

Many leather owners worry when one piece of a set gets damaged that the new or repaired leather won’t match the current set. We use the latest in colour matching techniques to get the perfect shade for your leather. Is the leather furniture in your home or workplace has suffered damage from a mishap or is showing wear after years of use? Don’t take chances with your leather trying to fix or hide the problem yourself. Trust the experts at Leather Repairs Leicester.

Does your leather have minor damage that you think can wait to be repaired? Many leather owners wait until major damage occurs before calling for help. When your leather is scratched, scuffed or stained, it’s vital to address the damage right away, before it becomes a larger problem. Our on-site leather repair service makes it simple and cost effective to take care of even minor damage to your leather – saving you money in the long run.

To learn more about how our on-site leather repair team can help you, or to request a free quote or book a visit, call Leather Repairs Leicester today.