Has an accident left ugly marks on your once perfect leather car seats? Have your leather sofas and chairs started to wear and fade as the years go by? You may think that throwing them out and shopping for new leather is your only option. At Leather Repairs Weetwood, we have a better way. Let our on-site leather care team come to your home or workplace to erase damage and renew your tired leather. Our skilled craftsmen use only the very best tools and techniques to ensure your leather looks as good as new – or better. Call now and show your leather the love it deserves.

Ready for a visit from our on-site leather care team? Call us at Leather Repairs Weetwood to book, or just fill in our online form to request a free quote.

leather-repair-servcieMobile Repairs for Leather Sofas

It’s not easy to transport a damaged sofa to a shop for repairs. Let Leather Repairs Weetwood bring the repair shop right to your home or office! We can handle all types of repairs on your leather sofas – from the smallest scuffs to major rips, tears and stains. Don’t live with less than perfect leather for one more day – call now and let us keep you sitting in style.

On-Site Leather Care and Cleaning

At Leather Repairs Weetwood, we know there’s more to keeping leather in great shape than just mending rips and patching holes. Let us lengthen the life of your leather with our on-site leather care treatments. We can renew the colour and finish of your leather sofas and chairs, or deep clean them to get rid of built up dirt and stubborn stains.

Leather Car Seat Repairs Experts

You only trust experts to work on your car’s engine and body – why would you settle for less for your precious leather interior? Call Leather Repairs Weetwood at the first signs of damage on your car’s leather. We can erase any marks and prevent damage from spreading, keeping your car looking like new and saving you costly future repairs. Our team works on all makes and models of both new and classic cars.